Salvation Army Food Boxes

Thanks so much to all those that assisted with the Salvation Army Christmas Boxes.  All the help is greatly appreciated.  It went faster this year than ever before.  Thanks to the ACC Solid Waste crew that came to help!

Everything went smoothly and quickly.  Everyone was great.  Thanks again.

Chris Hill, Director Athens-Clarke County Senior Center


Another (cold) Morning!

Another fun morning at the Center

Well, it has been a great week so far at the Senior Center. Trip to St. Joseph’s Catholic School for some Christmas cheer on Tuesday, a wonderful health education session yesterday with Julie Buffalo from ARMC, and today a great breakfast made possible by our own Site Council, McDonald’s (Prince Ave) and Arby’s (W. Broad St.).

During our morning munchies, the participants were treated with the always uplifting musical styling’s of Zeke Turner.  He had the house rockin’.

Later today we get ready to wrap gifts for Be A Santa to Senior.  It should be busy and fun.

Still to come…Be a Santa gift distribution, Holiday Tea at the Depot, Salvation Army Christmas Box distribution, and a trip for the center participants to the Athens Country Club for a wonderful holiday meal provided by the Club staff.

What a month!  Happy Holidays!

Chris Hill, Director

Athens-Clarke County Senior Center

Get Motivated to Move!

Hi everyone,

Today was a great day at the Senior Center.

Julie Buffalo, R.N. from Athens Regional taught a “Heart Healthy” class today, in which the Seniors loved!! They listened and made great comments during the session. Afterwards, Julie checked blood pressures while I went over one of her handouts that she brought on exercise entitled “Nine Reasons to Exercise.” We had a great discussion about the info on the handout, and I really believe the seniors were motivated to get moving again.

I think I was proved right because later on, once all of the clients had gone home, one called me back and told me how much she loved the info they received today from “Healthy Heart Class,” in fact she had already done her exercise for the afternoon having felt motivation from class earlier that day!

Yes, it’s truly never too late to learn or  to be motivated!


June, Athens-Clarke County Senior Center Activities Director

Today, our Senior Center participants had the great pleasure of traveling up the street to St. Joseph’s Catholic School to be entertained with some holiday cheer by the SJCS 5th graders.  We are glad we made it.  The kids were great.

We were treated first with piano duet by two very talented 5th graders, followed by a wonderful rendition of Jingle Bell Rock, complete with keyboards, snare drum, and recorder instruments.  The final song was a sing-a-long of students, seniors, and staff of the holiday classic Silent Night.  The participants had such a good time, and to think we almost had to cancel the day due to the bad weather.

The kids were originally were supposed to walk to ACCA and perform for us here.  Obviously, with buckets of rain coming down, that wasn’t going to happen.  The kids had been practicing and really wanted to perform, so we quickly arranged for the transport of our participants to go to them.  We were all glad we made it work.  The kids also gave the participants handmade Christmas cards which was really thoughtful and very much appreciated.

Thanks to St. Joseph Catholic School 5th graders, teachers, and administration for making it possible.

Roger Keeney became permanently blind when a piece of machinery got loose and hit him in the head. However, this has not slowed him down.

Roger came to the Council on Aging through the Senior Community Service Employment Program and has been working through this program since.

His story begs the question: is the person disabled or does the disability lie in the environment itself?

See his story: http://www.fordvehicles.com/the2010mustang/?id=/ten/episode2&searchid=426441|28115804|205351754

Jennie Deese, Executive Director, Eve Anthony, C0-Deputy Director, Sarah McKinney, Director of Home Delivered Meals, and Claire Boozer, Administrative Research Director attended Georgia for a Lifetime in Macon, GA today.

This initiative was brought to the aging network of Georgia by the Georgia Council on Aging. Various representatives from Area Agencies on Aging, Councils on Aging from around the state, service providers, and more attended the meeting today. Topics discussed focused on the future of aging services in Georgia.

One important statistic we should all keep in mind: the 65+ population in Georgia will increase by 149% by 2030!

More information? http://www.gcoa.org